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[Photos] This Bình Dương House Harks Back to a Simpler Tree-Filled Time

If only we could all have a garden around our house.

ArchDaily has shared this lovely Binh Duong House, designed by k59 atelier and completed in 2020. The architects aimed to create a version of the area's past, before it became an industrial powerhouse, when many homes had trees and gardens on their spacious plots of land.

The original design of the house located in Thuan An had to be adjusted during the pandemic as the owner faced financial difficulties and sold part of the land; you wouldn't know it based on the bright, airy photos, but the home sits on an area that used to store garbage from a restaurant.

Amid the scraps, however, the plot had good bones, namely in the form of 11 Indian laurel trees, which the architects designed the house around. They pursued five design criteria: reviving a forgotten area, preserving the existing trees, bringing a traditional space into modern life, using long-lasting materials, and using doors and windows as a connecting element between indoors and outdoors. 

The end result is a home filled with natural light, old-school furniture and traditional roofing, all of which combines to create a space that we would very much like to spend time in.

Take a tour of the Binh Duong House below:

[Photos via ArchDaily.]

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