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[Photos] A Record of the Past in Pre-1975 Nhạc Vàng Album Art

Modern album art doesn't hold a candle to the hand-drawn song sheets of pre-1975 Vietnam.

Flickr wizard manhhai has compiled a collection of nhạc vàng art from before the war, when Vietnamese music flourished. 

While some consider nhạc vàng to mean 'yellow music,' a distinction from the communist-tinged nhạc đỏ, or 'red music,' it can also be considered 'golden music,' a reference to those halcyon days when legendary musicians like Trinh Cong Son created distinctly Vietnamese music that is still revered today.

The sheet art of the time covered a range of subject material, though much of it features highly stylized typography, an art form that is very much in vogue among Vietnamese millennials these days.

The images depict women in ao dai, idyllic rural scenes, snapshots of domestic life and more.

Take a visual journey through pre-1975 music below:

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