VietnamMM 2018

Hôtel des Arts: Where Stays Are Curated like Artwork

For Hôtel des Arts Saigon, art is more than just a trendy word to include in their motto. It navigates every aspect of a guest’s experiences. From architecture to performances, dining, and service, the hotel relies on creativity and care that is rarely seen outside studios or galleries.


The Value of Connected, Collaborative Education in Vietnam

Saigon is constructing new office towers, financial buildings, malls and luxury apartments at a frantic pace, but the building frenzy is not all about commerce and housing, as exemplified by the British International School’s recently opened Early Years and Infant Campus.


Vietnam Coffee Republic Introduces Ready-to-Drink Cold Brew Coffee

When the afternoon sun leers down and the exhaustion of another day in the hectic city bores its way into your brain, nothing is more satisfying than downing a refreshing cup of iced coffee.


A Taste of Australia Brings Authentic Cuisine to Saigon

When people think of Australian cuisine, visions of meats sizzling on open flames accompanied by distinctive dishes including Vegemite, beetroot burgers and Anzac biscuits may come to mind.


A Wine Connoisseurs’ Paradise at Square One

After a three-months renovation Square One has been officially reopened, including Cellar Door – the perfect place for pre-dining drinks.

While homemade liquors reliant on rice and local fruits, loosely termed wine, have been ubiquitous in Vietnam for centuries, Saigon’s thirst for imported grape wines from famous global producers has been rapidly increasing. Between 2009 and 2013, consumption of wine in Vietnam grew 12% per year.


48 Hours of Relaxation in Phu Quoc

After stepping off the plane in Phu Quoc, one’s lungs fill with fresh air. Bird songs and lush hills stretching across the horizon cast a soothing calm across the tropical island. This sense of serenity is a unifying theme for a weekend at the boutique Salinda Resort - a perfect escape from the bustling city.


A Visit to a Spotless Pocari Sweat Factory

Vietnam has had its fair share of drink safety scandals over the years that have made me dubious of the production processes used to create drinks found on the country’s shelves. But as I recently found out, entering Pocari’s Sukabumi Factory in West Java, Indonesia is like entering another world.


A Glimpse at the Vibrant Vietnamese Community Surrounding Oakwood Apartments

Alluring flavors wafting from street-side noodle restaurants, tailors carefully crafting dresses from lavish silks, children giggling as they scurry around their school’s courtyard and xe om drivers chatting over cups of coffee while lounging on plastic chairs – the Do Thanh neighborhood in District 3 embodies the warmth and energy of a traditional Saigon community.


Elite Dental Explains the Science of a Great Smile

Science has solved the smile. Gone are the days of blackened teeth and crooked teeth; radiant, straight smiles have become the universal standard for beauty.


The Sanctuary: Perfectly Placed for Ho Tram’s Future Growth

Everyone knows about Vietnam’s most popular beach spots along the coast – Mui Ne, Nha Trang, Hoi An and Da Nang are routinely featured on travel sites from around the world and are part of most standard trips in the country.