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[Video] Long An Football Team Throws Tantrum

Last week, the Long An football team pitched a pretty entertaining temper tantrum after disagreeing with a referee's controversial decision.

According to Eurosport, underdog Long An was on the verge of securing a rare point during a V.League 1 match last Sunday at Saigon’s Thong Nhat Stadium. The home team was tied 2-2 with the Mekong Delta-based squad when referee Trong Thu awarded a penalty to the home team due to a push in the goal box.

Long An’s players were visibly upset by the decision and delayed the match to voice their protest. When Saigon’s Victor Ormazabal eventually took a penalty kick, Long An goalkeeper Minh Nhut turned his back on the ball and purposely let it in, giving the home team a 3-2 lead.

This set the tone for what followed, as Long An then proceeded to pass straight to their opponents from the ensuing kick-off, allowing them to run through and score unimpeded. Saigon ended up winning the match 5-2.

The entire episode was captured on live TV and attracted attention from football fans both locally and internationally.

This morning, February 20, president of the Long An Football Club Vo Thanh Nhiem told Zing that Minh Nhut will be punished for the act.

“I’ve informed [Minh Nhut] that he’s to accept all forms of punishment from the club and [Vietnam Football Federation],” Nhiem told the news outlet. “Long An will firstly suspend him from playing in the next three matches. During his suspension, all forms of salary, bonus and reimbursement will also be stopped.”

Take a look at Long An’s unique act of defiance below (starts at the 2:00 mark):

Video via YouTube user Tin Nong 24 Gio.

[Top photo via Eurosport]

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