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Huế Launches Public Bicycle Trial Program With 7 Stations, 250 Bikes

This Monday, Huế launched the pilot phase of its public bike rental system.

According to Thanh Niên, this initial phase has 250 bikes and seven stations positioned along the Hương River and the Imperial City. The second phase will start at the end of this year with up to 20 stations, and the third phase is scheduled for mid-2023 with a city-wide network of public bikes.

Much like the project in Saigon, renters need an app to pay and unlock the bike. Vietsoftpro, the company running the rental system, told Thanh Niên that eventually the app will also be able to introduce tourist attractions and show calorie consumption. The smart locks on the bikes can also give GPS coordinates to help with tracking and managing. Based on photos of the bikes, it appears the rear saddle has been replaced with a solar panel.  

This public bike system is a collaboration between the Huế People’s Committee, Vietsoftpro, and the German Society for International Development (GIZ). The program takes Huế one step closer to the goal of being a "city of cycles."

Back in December last year, Saigon launched its first public bike scheme with 43 docking stations located across District 1. It was well-received by Saigoneers and tourists alike, so the company behind the project announced in March 2022 that it would expand the biking initiative to more districts and even start a trial run in Hanoi.

[Photo by Lê Hoài Nhân via Thanh Niên]

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