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Australian International School Baccalaureate Visual Arts Exhibition 2019

Australian International School’s (AIS) annual exhibition of artwork created by International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Visual Arts students is underway.

11 students are exhibiting over 100 pieces of studio work in the school’s gallery area. The students have worked on their own to curate the event which serves as an integral part of the Visual Arts component of their IB.

Annie Tran

Title: Ecstasy
Size: 70 x 80cm
Medium: Digital print (original artwork produced on Adobe Photoshop) mounted on foam board
Statement: Inspired by Japanese sub-culture “Yami-Kawaii”, turning horrid topics into beautiful imagery like self-harm. As all my ideas are how fun it is to die I’ve created this normal school girl surrounded by heavy drugs. The giant syringes are from my other piece Heroin Type-XXX as to show what this new drug is doing to people, dragging them into a virtual world. Purposely using the digital platform to express this idea shows that the artist is also beginning to be influenced by it too. This piece is partnered by ‘Overdose’

Annie Tran has been accepted to Lasalle College Vancouver Canada


Juhee Nam 

Title: King of the Chickens
Size: 30 x 42cm
Medium: watercolor, poster color, paper
Statement: All people desire to be “extra”. But strangely, some tries to pull others down to feel better about themselves. Their existence is almost like an unavoidable thing that we face in life. I have referred these people as the “king of the chickens”. All of us are intimidated and oppressed in a way. Therefore, even though some may stand on top of others, we are all small and helpless creature like chicken which eventually would mean nothing.

Juhee Nam has been accepted to OCAD, Toronto, Canada 

Hyun Jin SEO 

Title: Drowning
Size: 50 x 60cm
Medium: Oil on canvas
Statement: A river reminded me of the past through its endless circulation. I drew myself trapped in a river, where past and present coexist, constantly collide each other and confuses me. As an international school student who is living in a foreign country more than half of my life, myself as a Korean, which belongs to the past, constantly collides to myself as a foreigner.

Hyun Jin Seo has been accepted to UAL Camberwell, and London college of communication campuses as well as Kingston University London and OCAD

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