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[Photos] Vietnamese Teens Are Putting High School Textbook Covers on Their Shirts

What can you not put on a T-shirt?

It's that time of the year when Vietnamese students in grade 9 and 12 are under immense pressure to study for their entrance exams. However, a recent whimsical fashion fad might be able to provide just the kind of ironic cheer they need during this stressful period.

It all started when a clothing store announced its newest collection, which features T-shirts that have school textbook covers printed on them. The T-shirts went viral and struck a chord with those who are still fidgeting on school benches as well as those who have managed to move beyond them. 

Hoang Khanh Ly, a university student at the Academy of Journalism and Communication in Hanoi, is the creative mind behind the idea. 

"The idea came naturally. I accidentally spotted several old textbooks and thought 'Why not print these textbook covers — which could remind someone of their favorite subject or a challenging one that 'haunted' their school years — on T-shirts for the sake of nostalgia?'," Ly told Tuoi Tre in Vietnamese.

The prints include textbook covers of several core subjects for grade 9 and 12. It doesn't matter whether a certain subject was your favorite or absolute nightmare, its textbook cover is undeniably an unforgettable image that will conjure up anyone's memories of the classroom: from raucous mischief to hours trying to memorize the details of the Nghe Tinh Soviets uprising in hope of acing the 45-minute test the following day.

Take a look at some of the T-shirts below:

Left: Grade 12 Literature; Right: Grade 12 Computer Science. Photos via Facebook page Dong Phuc Hai Anh.

Left: English; Right: Chemistry.

Left: History; Right: Biology.

Left: Physics; Right: Geography.

Left: Civics; Right: Chemistry.

Left: Physics; Right: Literature.

[Top photo via Phu Nu Viet Nam / Photos via Facebook page Ao Lop 247

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