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[Photos] This Instagram Account Is A Visual Ode to Walls in Japan

A Japanese graphic designer finds beauty in the mundane.

Established roughly eight years ago by a Japanese graphic designer, the Instagram account has captured all kinds of walls in Japan - from sleek walls of modern homes to gritty textures of old buildings. 

While photographing walls might sound peculiar to some, it's not hard to spot the appeal of the wall-focused Instagram feed: not only do the photos evoke a visual pleasure, each image also reveals a snippet of life in contemporary Japan.

The images' captions are all included with the hashtag #ザ壁部 (the wall), which has attracted many individuals who share a similar fondness for walls. There are currently over 85,000 photographs using the hashtag. Wall enthusiasts even organize meetups and get together to socialize with people who share the eccentric hobby.

Take a look at some of these walls below:


[Photo via Instagram user ka_nai]

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