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Wine for Cats now Available in Japan (Yes, Really)

It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with our Japanese neighbors who always seem to be one-upping the world when it comes to whacky products. We present to you – cat wine.

Created by Japanese pet beverage company (yes, that’s a thing) B&H Lifes, this ‘wine’ made exclusively for cats doesn’t actually have any alcohol.

“Cat owners were complaining there was no gift they could give their pets, while dogs could get sunglasses, raincoats, and boots. Even though cats may not drink the wine, owners still want it for them," said Masahito Tsurumi, the company's Chief Executive.

The beverage, dubbed “Nyan Nyan Nouveau,” (of course) contains fructose glucose liquid sugar, oligosaccharide, catmint, cabernet grape juice, vitamin C, and caramel coloring, and has a shelf life of one year.

The ingredients are a bit curious since vitamin C and grapes may be slightly poisonous for cats. But whatever, sometimes you have to make sacrifices to have a good time.

For only ¥399 (US$4), you can pick up one of these limited edition bottles (only 1,000 have been produced) and celebrate with your cat in style.

Just don’t tell your dog…


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