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Winter 2001 - Chenle's Birthday Freegift @ KOI the Nowzone

Maybe we are lucky to meet again one afternoon on the sunset slope. Moreover, it was also "Winter" in 2001, and even though they were still shy, when they looked at each other, they were immersed in this love that no one dared to say to the other. Every time I immerse myself in my own thoughts, I feel like there is some magical magic that makes me unable to escape the afternoon we met on the sunset slope, my eyes shyly watching you leave. far to come. The warm actions and sweet words poured into my ears made me sink so deep that I couldn't get out. My winter is gradually becoming warmer because the whole world has lost two lonely hearts.

And I hope that magic can make your wish come true. I'll see you on November 26 at the same coffee shop on that sunset slope and that song will play again. ​

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