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Human Library Saigon @ Satsuma House

Social ChangeMakers, in partnership with Global Friends Co. x Longsleeveservice x The Happievent x Chance Academy, invite you to join this special edition of The Human Library Saigon on Sunday, April 21!

Originating in Denmark, the initiative seeks to highlight the inspiring personal lives and stories of the human collective through the art of speaking; however, Human Library Saigon will take place, with a twist this time, as our 4 Human Books will share their lives through the art of dance and movement. Join us to celebrate our performers and what links us together in the human experience

ENTRY TICKET: Early Bird Tickets until 20/3 ▪️300k Regular Price ▪️500k ▪️800k (2 people)

All Tickets Include: + 1 drink + Appetizers + Performances RSVP here: * 75% of ticket sales go to Social ChangeMakers and their mission to provide “on the ground” resources for Saigon’s local community.

Check out their page to learn more about what they do and how you can volunteer!: Featuring: 4 Human Books (Dancers to be Announced soon!)

Enjoy a nice, refreshing drink and a gorgeous view of Landmark 81 and the Saigon river at the beautiful riverside Satsuma House

Are you a dancer who wants to perform? Sign up here: