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Film Marathon @ Yentown

Yentown will have our very first film marathon on April 27th from 8am till midnight. This time, we will screen Firefly series by Joss Whedon.

8am - 10pm: screening non-stop all 14 episodes of the Firefly series (2002 -2003)

10pm - midnight: screening Serenity (2005) (with English subtitles)

Lightyears ahead of his time, Joss Whedon created the perfect 9 characters boarding the spaceship named Serenity, a Firefly model, class 03-K64. The dynamic between these characters has set the standards for many other later films with a crew/team format like Avengers or Justice League (Joss Whedon was hired as a consultant for the team character development process for these movies).

Unfortunately, ahead of its time means it didn't appeal much to the TV network when it first came out, and with extra bad luck, the series was cancel after only 14 episodes. Not until a couple of years later, when the fans create a cult following, did Joss and the cast have the chance to make another standalone film titled Serenity. 

Especially, on April 27th, not only will we screen non-stop the films, we will also have a reading area with all of the follow-up comic books of the series with untold stories like Shepherd Book's past, the story of how Simon rescued River, an alternate ending for Wash & Zoe, etc.

10% discount for all of our signature cocktails.

Normally, film screenings at Yentown are free entry, but a film marathon requires more from us, so if you're interested, please register using the form below, the entrance fee will be 120k, check-in at door (a non-alcoholic drink included). Thank you and see you soon.

27 April 2024

08AM - 11PM

Yentown | 19/8 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ben Nghe, District 1, HCMC