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Loreto Christmas Market @ Cargo Bar

 A charming indoor Christmas Market & Music Night for both expatriate and Vietnamese communities!

• Perfect festive gifts and items for sale from famous vendors’ products.

• Charming Christmas decorations and spirit for families, photographers and event goers.

• Food and drink. 

• Inclusive musical performances (Thanh Bui/SOUL Club and other artists).

• Raffles & auctions.

•Participation means GIVING (all proceeds will directly benefit underprivileged KIDS in remote areas).

LORETO – a Kids Charity - dedicated to the reduction of poverty through educational opportunities for underprivileged and disabled students. Since 1997, Loreto has supported over 28,000 children in SIX provinces in Vietnam.

For inquiries please contact Trang Le at: - (08) 3910 6364 or 0121 441 4153


Friday, 12 December


Cargo Bar | 7 Nguyen Tat Thanh, D.4, Ho Chi Minh City