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From the organizer: A collaborative international project focused on building a graphic novel of six vietnamese legendary myths by using the means of dance, Vietnamese text, live visual art/3D mapping and live electronic music fused with traditional Vietnamese music.

Central location: Ho Chi Minh City
Tour locations: Hue, Hanoi and Da Nang

Standpoint Theories has established itself as one of a select number of productions that feature multi-disciplinary arts within the local Vietnamese and expat community.

The project will be presented as an evening-length interactive dance performance inspired by six well-known Vietnamese Myths:
- The legendary story of Âu Cơ, an immortal mountain fairy who married Lạc Long Quân
- The god of Tản Viên Mountain known as, Sơn Tinh
- Chử Đồng Tử - a marsh boy
- Princess Liễu Hạnh, a heavenly spirit and Mother Goddess
- Bà Chúa Xứ known as Lady of the Realm

 This is a show not to miss!

Standpoint Theories - Vietnam Edition featuring LÊ CÁT TRỌNG LÝ

Tickets will be available December 19, 2014.
We will announce where the tickets are available to purchase and how you can get them, so stay updated by following our Facebook page.

Show dates:
January 9: 20.30
January 10: 20.30
January 11: 2:30pm and 20:30pm

For questions in Vietnamese contact:
For questions in English contact:

A collaboration between singer/musician Lê Cát Trọng Lý (Vietnam), dancer Emily Navarra (America), musicians Bryon Ramsey-leonard Rudd and David Moses Haimovich known as Space//Panther (America), media artist Daniel Day Long (America), illustrator Hoàng Trung (Vietnam), scenographer/animator Julien Noyer, percussionist Eric Meftah (America), bassist Gar Eth Katz (America), lighting designer Julian Hodgson (Scotland) and sound engineer Alain-Timmy Vegas (UK).


Friday to Sunday, 9 to 11 January

8:30pm - 11:30pm

Cargo Bar | 7 Nguyễn Tất Thành, D4, Ho Chi Minh City