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Leonid Keller // Exhibition @ DeciBel

From the organizer: Julia Ossko, born in Munich, Germany (1978). Lives and works in Berlin. Julia Ossko studied Design in Berlin. Afterwards she worked in the field of photography for many years. In her work, Julia Ossko keeps away from anything that is fast-paced or impulsive. She combines her mostly large format drawings with the factor time, which results in a deeper relation with the object.

"We have enjoyed plenty of fast food ... we need more slow art"

(Robert Hughes)

Eugen Schulz, born in Uspenka (Kazakhstan, 1984). Lives and works in Berlin.

Eugen Schulz studied Design and Illustration in Berlin and St Petersburg. He co-founded the artist's collective Quintessenz in 2008 and was a member until 2013.

Eugen Schulz creates refined collages from found, printed materials. Different stories hide behind his futuristic, minimalist compositions. Subtle nuances transport philosophical content behind simple forms.

Started in winter 2014, Leonid Keller is a collaboration between the artists Julia Ossko and Eugen Schulz.

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Thursday, 12 February


deciBel | 79/2/5 Phan Kế Bính, D1, Ho Chi Minh City