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Beer Pong Tournament @ deciBel

 Find a partner, think of a team name, and get ready to unleash your inner “bro”: it’s time for decibel’s first Beer Pong tournament.

Some will earn glory, others will feel disgrace… but all will get drunk.


Cups and Balls will be provided, but please buy your own beer to play.

**Special 150k / 6 BEERS

## Winner gets a BOTTLE of JAMESON ##

House Rules:
- bounces are worth 2 cups
- both partners hit= balls back
- same cup = 3 cups + balls back
- Rebuttal (shoot until you miss)
- 3 cup overtime if necessary
- No blowing, no fingering
- No leaning! Elbows behind the table!
- 10 cup games = 3 beers.

You must finish your beers before the next round!

*If you don’t make any cups the whole game, you will get troll-tolled.


Saturday, 21 March

9:00 pm

deciBel | 79 Phan Ke Binh, D1, Ho Chi Minh City