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"Micro Macro" - An Exhibition by Laurent Judge (Fr) @ Giant Step Gallery

From the organizer: Born in Paris in 1976, Laurent Judge discovered his vocation in painting when he was in 6 year old during a visit of a Joan Miro exhibition. In 1993, he had been studying the profession of letter painter. Laurent's main sources of influence are Fractal Art, Impressionism Abstract,Prehistoric Art among many diffrent Art forms.

He had done an exhibition at the HCM Fine Art Museum in 2010. 
Nowadays, Laurent Judge's work helps ones to travel in far-fetched stories, where grotesque and seriousness blend together.The borderline between funs, dreams and questioning leaves the spectator without a definite answer but with an impression of discoveries.

With this exhibition, “Taking time, spaces and related stories” based on micro macro lines, Giant Step – Art Gallery proudly presents most significant individual exhibition “Micro Macro” according to its own title wants to narrate a story which relies upon connection of Laurent Judge’s little stories about different world in his mind and the others are about landscape galaxy cosmic. 

Come and join in the exhibition to know more about Laurent's works! 

*Opening reception: Thursday - June 4th 2015
*The exhibition runs from June 4th till June 16th 2015


Thursday, 4 June

7:00 pm

Giant Step Gallery | 3A Tôn Đức Thắng, D1, Ho Chi Minh City