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'My Name is Nobody' Live @ Saigon Ranger

 Over the span of the last decade, My Name Is Nobody‘s poignant folk songs had ranged from wild and orchestrate to a somewhat stripped back writing. 

Both guitar and voice were taking center stage. With his 5th album‘Safe Travel’, Vincent Dupas makes a major shift to step out of the clichés of the folk/rock tradition. Former heady melodies are now replaced by more ambient sounds. The voice sings now from the deep of his body. The baritone strums minimal chords allowing a piano, a violin and diaphanous backing vocals to take the lead. Joining him in this moult processare his long-time chicagoan fellows Pillars and Tongues. As a matter of fact, the album was recorded in Chicago during the summer of 2013, in the cool basement of a house built in the 1930s after an in-depth trip they took around Lake Michigan. Throughout the 5 tracks, you will hear stories of a dove and a bat, of a window you can’t fix, of significant life decisions you start to question. ‘Safe Travel’ as its name suggests invites you on a romantic and spiritual journey.

Vincent Dupas, from Nantes in France, has been playing as My Name Is Nobody since 2002. He released 5 albums and one 7″ EP on Collectif-Effervescence and My Little Cab Records between 2006 and 2015. 

MNIN has played more than 350 shows touring extensively through Europe and the United States, sharing the van with Pillars and Tongues, Dark Dark Dark and opened for Bill Callahan, Sebadoh, Sir Richard Bishop, Explosions In The Sky, Jay Mascis of Dinosaur Jr., and more…

For this first tour in South East Asia, Vincent Dupas will be accompanied by the long time collaborator and drummer François Gautreau. They are very excited to perform at Saigon Ranger !

Fee: 50k


Wednesday, 24 June

9:00 pm

Saigon Ranger | 5/7 Nguyen Sieu, D1, Ho Chi Minh City