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"itiné~rage" by Sautel Cago - Organized @ Giant Step Gallery

From the organizer: Giant Step Urban art Gallery proudly presents "itiné~rage" by Sautel Cago (France). 

The title of the exhibition “itiné~rage” comes from French words combined : Itinerary (itinéraire) and Rage

~ Itinerary : to remember that all these drawings were created and influenced by his travels and meetings, from Hong Kong to China, from Indonesia to Vietnam in about 3 months trip.

~ Rage: to evoke the raging desire to draw, the non-comprehending need to continue to experiment drawing according to the daily life influence

In this exhibition, He will present a series of black and white drawings ... (perhaps with a little touch of colors sometimes)

With black and white, He tries to experienced another graphical approach: trying to develop a minimalist style lines
opposed to his multicolored mural artworks:

This practice allows him to focus more on the theme of my characters to mix and deconstruct his daily themes : his joys, his desires, his obsessions, his memories, his anxieties, his frustrations ... all the palette of his feelings as a human being, positive and negative ones that he transposed and fixed by using these lines and pointillism in new possibilities of reading ...

*Opening receptionist: Wednesday - June 17th 2015
*The exhibition runs from June 17th till June 30th 2015

Come and join in the exhibition to know more about Sautel's works!


Wednesday, 17 June

6:00 pm

Giant Step Gallery | 3A Tôn Đức Thắng, D1, Ho Chi Minh City