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Vietnam Officially Designates December 12 the Day of Pho

Vietnam has officially marked every December 12 the Day of Pho in celebration of the nation's most well-known dish.

The first Day of Pho was held by Tuoi Tre in Saigon last year to honor the Vietnamese culinary treasure. According to the news source, the second Day of Pho was held in Hanoi last Wednesday, attracting a number of participants who enjoyed different types and flavors of pho, despite the cold, rainy weather.

At this year’s gala, Phan Ngan Son, deputy director of the National Office of Intellectual Property, gave Tuoi Tre editor-in-chief Le The Chu an exclusive, registered certificate for Pho Day, officially marking December 12 as an annual national event.

“Phở is not only a favorite dish of Vietnamese people from all over the continent but also a favorite of many foreigners. That’s why there is a Pho Day in Japan as well, which occurs on April 4 every year,”  Chu told the news source in Vietnamese.

The organizers invited several special guests to the event, including Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam Saadi Salama, Miss Vietnam World 2010 Diem Huong and the general director of Acecook Vietnam, Kajiwara Junichi.

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