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[Photos] Views of 1954 Saigon-Cho Lon From a USS Rochester Sailor

The USS Rochester CA-124 was a heavy cruiser that was first launched after World War II.

Nicknamed the "gray ghost of the Korean Coast," the cruiser was used extensively in the Korean War. When it docked in Saigon in 1953 as a gesture of "goodwill" after returning from combat, the USS Rochester CA-124 was the largest ship to ever visit the city. 

In January 1954, the year after the Korean War ended, the cruiser departed from Long Beach, California to head to the West Pacific region. According to the content of the ship's cruise book in 1954, it stopped at Pearl Harbor, Manila, Singapore and Bangkok before arriving in Saigon on February 17. The crew stayed there for three days before departing for Yokosuka.

According to Redsvn, it was also during its stop in Saigon in 1954 that this series of photographs were taken by an unknown sailor who served on the ship.

Have a look at these photos below:

[Photos via Flickr user manhhai]

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