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Highest Temperatures of the Year to Hit Saigon, Southern Provinces in April

Saigon's latest hottest club is literally the entire city.

Tuổi Trẻ reports that provinces across southern Vietnam, including Saigon, are forecast to endure the hottest temperatures of the year over the next two weeks. 

Trương Đình Quyết, from the southern hydro-meteorological station, explained that the recent rain in Saigon and neighboring areas is a result of La Niña, though this is not considered the official start of the wet season.

The upcoming heat of the dry season is expected to be less intense than in previous years, as temperatures are predicted to reach a maximum of 39°C, but that will come as small comfort for anyone who has to head outside. 

This heat will hit in the coming days and last until the middle of April, after which the rainy season should begin — somewhat earlier than normal. 

Up north, a cool front will move through on Thursday, March 31, bring low temperatures in the Red River Delta down to 14–17°C, while mountainous provinces could see lows under 13°C.

Looking later into the year, the typhoon season will kick off in July or August, and as of now there is a minimal chance of any East Sea storms in June.

According to Dr. Nguyễn Văn Chi from Bạch Mai Hospital, hotter periods of the year usually signal an uptick in heatstroke and sunburn cases. He cautioned that workers should find shelter or avoid going outside from 12pm to 4pm, hydrate sufficiently, and wear protective gear while outside to avoid UV radiation.

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