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Vietnamese Game 'Hoa' Nominated for Best Art Direction, Music in 2022 Webby Awards

If you spent your 2021 lockdown escaping into the wondrous, whimsical world of Hoa, the locally developed video game, now is your chance to show your support for the creators.

Hoa has been nominated for the Best Art Direction and Best Music/Sound Design category under Games-Features in the 26th annual Webby Awards People's Voice, in which people can vote on "the best of the Internet." With voting open until April 21, Hoa is up against Wayfinder, Oddworld: Soulstorm Enhanced Edition, Lost in Random, and No Longer Home.

Released in August 2021 on multiple platforms, Hoa is among a few existing video games conceptualized and produced by a Vietnamese team. It's a side-scrolling platform game in which players take the role of Hoa, a young fairy, on a journey to return home. With gorgeous art and a soothing soundtrack, Hoa is breath of fresh air for those seeking a relaxing gaming experience. Read Saigoneer's review of Hoa here.

The Webby Awards are presented annually by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences through a judging body made up of over 2,000 industry experts and innovators. 

The eight current Webby categories are: Websites and Mobile Sites, Video, Advertising, Media & PR, Social, Apps and Software, Games, Podcasts, and Virtual & Remote. Each category has two winners, one chosen by the general public under the People's Voice awards, and one chosen by the judging body. 

As is tradition, each winner is allowed to share a five-word acceptance speech during the awards show, which is considered the "Internet's highest honor." 

Hoa fans can vote for the game here (Best Art Direction) and here (Best Music). Nearly 800,00 votes have already been tallied across the Webby categories. The winners will be announced during the Webby Awards on May 16.

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