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Driven to Distraction: New Motorbike First to Use iPhone as a Dashboard

Japanese startup, Terra Motors, is releasing two new motorbikes to take advantage of Asia’s iPhone addiction. Oh, and they’re electric too so they’re good for the environment and stuff.

Terra has announced the release of two iPhone enabled bikes - the A4000i and A4000 and hopes to ship more than 100,000 units by the end of 2015. The A4000i, which is currently being sold in Japan, carries a price tag of $4,500. Bur fear not, for we won’t see this model, but rather its cheaper cousin.

The company claims that a single charge will get you 65 kilometers and that the battery is good for 50,000 km before needing to be replaced.

But the kicker for these bikes is the dashboard, which houses your iPhone, giving you real-time information about battery power, millage, GPS and electricity consumption.

Terra Motors plans to add support for 3rd party applications and even advertising, though it’s unclear how these would be executed without distracting the driver. The company will begin sales in Vietnam at the end of this year.

We love the environmental awareness factor but hope that this won’t add yet another distraction for drivers.


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