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The Best Times to Drink Pocari

Now that we all know exactly what Pocari Sweat is, let’s look at why you should drink it, and when it is best to do so. 

Everyone knows how important it is to stay hydrated in steamy Vietnam. Sometimes it’s obvious when you need to hydrate, while certain activities can dry your body out without you even realizing it.

Choosing the right drink to solve this problem is just as key as realizing you need to hydrate, and one clear and easy to find option is Pocari. We’ve already discussed why Pocari, which is low in carbs and sugar and easily absorbed by your body, is so good for you. Now, let’s look at when it is best used.

Before bed and after waking up

Sleeping – it’s one of the few activities that every single person in the world does on a regular basis. Though it’s common knowledge that humans need plenty of sleep in order to function properly, few realize how much water we lose while we slumber.

A 2000 study by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Saga Nutrition Products Laboratory shows that the average person loses 500 ml of body fluid while sleeping for eight hours in a room set at 29 C. Drinking Pocari before you go to sleep will help offset this loss, while also providing electrolytes so that you wake up fresh. The drink’s low sugar content also won’t keep you from falling asleep.

Drinking before going to bed can’t make up for all of the fluid you lose while sleeping though, so downing some Pocari upon waking up is helpful as well.


Exercise may be the most obvious driver of dehydration, especially in a hot climate like Vietnam’s. Water is the go-to drink for many while working out, doing yoga or playing sports, but this doesn’t give your body everything it needs.

Sweating removes body fluid as well as electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which water can’t replace. Therefore drinking water can dilute your body fluid and make it difficult to reach the correct concentration of nutrients in your system. Pocari contains these vital electrolytes in addition to a bit of sugar, which provides energy in addition to helping your body quickly absorb fluid.

You don’t have to just take our word on this though – the Saigon Triathlon Club chose Pocari over every other drink as their exercise beverage, while Hoang Le Giang – the first Vietnamese national to reach the North Pole – drank Pocari to stay hydrated in harsh conditions. This shows that Pocari is preferred by many to water for tough endurance events.


Who among us hasn’t woken up after a night out of one (or many) of Vietnam’s bars desperately thirsty? Hydrating while drinking and after an evening on the town is key to staving off dehydration and lessening the severity of hangovers.

On average, every 1,000 ml of beer creates 1,100 ml of urine, meaning you need to consume plenty of hydrating fluids to replace that loss. Pocari is ideal in this situation, as your body quickly absorbs it without acting as a diuretic.

Fever, food safety, dengue fever

Finally, staying hydrated when suffering from illnesses like dengue fever or food poisoning is vital, and Pocari Sweat is key in such situations. Dengue is a concern in a tropical country like Vietnam with ideal conditions for mosquito breeding. This illness brings on a persistent high fever which can quickly lead to dehydration.

The same is true for diarrhea, which is most often caused by intestinal infections. Food safety is a common concern in Vietnam, where good hygiene practices aren’t always followed by every food vendor. This causes rapid dehydration, but drinking Pocari will help your body quickly compensate for this fluid and electrolyte loss and help you recover to full health.

A survey by Ensley Corporation, Japan’s largest medical professional website, found that 90% of the 1,000 doctors questioned recommend Pocari Sweat.

Of course, there are plenty more uses for Pocari, but the above four scenarios are likely encountered on a regular basis by many in Vietnam. Drink up!