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[Photos] Rare Photos From Above Show a Sparsely Developed Da Lat in 1966

When we think of Da Lat today, we imagine a fully formed city of flowers, fruits and mountain photoshoots.

But not so long ago the mountainous city was much simpler. These photos taken by Ross Evans in 1966 reveal Da Lat at its most quiet. The aerial shots reveal a quaint community for locals growing vegetables and extravagant estates for the elite to escape the summer heat.

French vacation homes surrounded by lush yards constitute peaceful suburbs with curving roads and cul-de-sacs. The city center, however, is already fully built at this point, and shots of roads in development hint at Da Lat's future.

Take a peek at the shots below: 

Downtown Da Lat with the theatre (center right) that stands today. 

Outskirts of Da Lat where homes and farms meet.

French villas in Da Lat's suburbs. 

Mimosa Pass leading into Da Lat.

A Communication center built on the hills. 

A road being built up the hills.

New road underway.

A boy posing on a road roller.

[Photos via Redsvn]

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