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30 Retro Images Of 1967 Vung Tau

While we spend most of our time waxing poetic over old photos of Saigon, there are plenty of other places worthy of our nostalgic attention.

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One such place is Vung Tau, Saigon’s coastal backwater whose history is closely intertwined with the Southern metropolis.

This set of photos is the work of Bruce Tremellen who traveled to the seaside town in 1967 before its beaches were tarnished by offshore oil rigs.

Downtown Vung Tau.

Vung Tau Market.

Sole trader in Vung Tau.

Shopkeeper in Vung Tau.

End of the Vung Tau Peninsula.

Downtown Vung Tau.

Children in Vung Tau.

Another picture of children in Vung Tau.

Buddha statue in Vung Tau.

Vung Tau Front Beach.

Bars at Front Beach.

Front Beach area.

Houses in Vung Tau.

The scene on a Vung Tau street.

Vung Tau Grand Hotel.

A small swamp in Vung Tau.

Colorful house in Vung Tau.

Pub street in Vung Tau.

Downtown Vung Tau.

A Vung Tau Market.

Market scene in Vung Tau.

Boats on Front Beach.

Kite flying at Vung Tau's Front Beach.

Buddhist temple in Vung Tau.

Front Beach.

Another angle of Front Beach.

A street stall in Vung Tau.

Bar on Front Beach.

Vung Tau's Front Beach.


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