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Vietnamese Football Team Ranked 1st in SE Asia

Vietnam has recaptured 1st place in the SE Asian FIFA rankings which were announced last week. While we applaud the team’s accomplishment, there’s still some room for improvement - they are ranked 17th in Asia and 125th in the world.

VietNamNet reports that while leading SE Asia for the first times since June 2013, Vietnam still lags behind Iran, followed by Japan, Uzbekistan, and the Republic of Korea. Atop the global rankings were the familiar powerhouses Spain, Germany and Argentina.

According to, the following positions in Southeast Asia belong to Malaysia (141st in the world, 22nd in Asia), Thailand (148th in the world, 26th in Asia), Singapore (149th, 27th), Indonesia (154th, 29th), Laos (172nd, 36th), Myanmar (173rd, 38th), Cambodia (188th, 42nd), Brunei (191st, 43rd), East Timor (191st, 43rd).



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