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Epic Road Trip: Ha Giang to Ca Mau

If you’re like us, slaves to the internet and our computer overlords, it can be easy to forget that Saigon is an urban bubble. In a reminder that there’s a whole other Vietnam out there, 4 friends – Chris Lusher (British), Trong Tung (Vietnamese), Bachir Sareh (French) and Morgan Ommer (German) spent months on their motorbikes, traveling 5,400km from Vietnam’s most northern point, Ha Giang to its southern tip, Ca Mau to raise money for charity.

Boys on a boat from Going South on Vimeo.

The group drove an assortment of bikes including a Superdream, Wave RS, Honda Julio automatic Scooter and captured images of their journey using a Leica M8 Leica M9, Nikon D3, and a Canon for good measure.

Along the way, the group experienced some rather random goings on such as a Miss Vietnam photoshoot in Danang, a football game in the middle of nowhere, and destructive Typhoon Wutip.

By the end of their trip, the 4 had raised $5,400 ($1/km) for the East meets West Foundation which organizes scholarships for disadvantaged kids in Central Vietnam.

Check out their imagebox page for their full set of photos and Vimeo for thier videos.

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