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[Video] A Medley of Cathartic Vietnam Moments in 'A Taste of Vietnam'

This video starts with the open sea and a lonely boat; then it quickly segues into throngs of motorbikes chasing after one another on local streets. In the background, ominous, almost sinister music drones on.

Over the years, Saigoneer has featured dozens of travel videos about Vietnam. These features vary in scope, editing technique and style, as their creators come from all walks of life, from amateur home-video makers to vloggers to professional filmmakers. But, with every video, we discover a new, rarely seen aspect of Vietnam. The country has a way of surprising us every time we take a closer look at its people, culture and landscapes.

Judging by the five-minute clip named A Taste of Vietnam, its creator, Matt Devir, must have dedicated quite a bit of time taking in the sights and spirit of Vietnam. There’s a bit of everything that might appeal to all sorts of viewers: culinary staples like bánh tráng nướng and bò lá lốt, urban life and some rural landscapes.

Devir’s choice of background music isn’t the typical contemplative, tender melody one usually associates with travel clips about Vietnam. It’s mid-tempo, eerie and never quite seems to settle down, leaving viewers on edge for most of the clip. Nonetheless, the sheer amount of shots means that there are some truly mesmerizing ones, like the psychedelic patterns that envelop freshly caught cuttlefish or the cinematic flickering of Da Lat Market’s neon sign.

Experience A Taste of Vietnam through the video below:

[Video via Vimeo user Matt Devir]

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