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Amid Heavy Criticism, Hoi An Amends Entry Fees

After getting a huge amount of flak from locals and tourists alike, Hoi An authorities have made amendments to the strict enforcement of $6 entry fee’s to the city’s old town, according to the Saigon Times.

Amid complaints from netizens around the world and reports that the old town had become nearly empty due to unclear and ill-thought out entry fees, an emergency meeting was held yesterday afternoon where Mr. Su, Chairman of Hoi An, said that moving forward, "small families of up to 4 members, students and expats who live and work inside the town don't have to buy tickets. But the rest have to buy a new kind of ticket that can be worn like a name tag so that the guards know who paid the fees and who hasn’t."

City authorities had previously stated that the fees were needed to make vital repairs to the city’s old buildings:

“It is right to collect the entrance fees as 85 percent of the revenue will be used to restore ancient houses of local residents,” Su said.

“These houses form a group of relics. If money is not spent on their restoration, they will collapse.”

A press conference will be held in the next week where a formal announcement about the fees will be made.

It looks like complaining enough can actually make a difference.

[Saigon Times // Photo via Khanh Hmoong]

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