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[Video] Breathing Vietnam: A Visual Diary

When it comes to travel videos about Vietnam, at this point it might seem that we’ve seen everything, from breathtaking drone footage to extreme close-ups of the country’s street food bounty.

This short video, titled Breathing Vietnam by Italian videographer Matteo Poddie, doesn’t stray far from a common topic: the daily lives of locals across the nation. However, the way Poddie approaches his subjects distinguishes Breathing Vietnam from other visual travelogues.

Instead of opting for drones or time-lapse sequences, the filmmaker uses a slice-of-life perspective to capture the details of life in Vietnam. This resulted in a three-minute montage that highlights the beauty of Vietnamese from all walks of life.

Have a peek at Matteo Poddie’s personal view of Vietnam below:

[Video via Vimeo user Matteo Poddie]

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