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[Video] From Ha Long to Hanoi in Search of a Street Food Feast

Hungry in Hanoi documents an experience many of us know first-hand: the satisfaction of a day out exploring followed by a celebratory street food feast.

This short clip from Vimeo user Alex Schiller takes us from Ha Long Bay’s stormy, boat-bobbing seascapes to scenes familiar to all Hanoians: concrete gray buildings, red flags and frenetic night-time eateries.

As it progresses, both the video’s cinematic soundtrack and shot pacing become increasingly hectic, reflecting the shift from Ha Long’s tranquil waters to the capital’s relative commotion. Thanks to using hyperlapses, the camera rushes in and out of different frames and hustles through rush hour streets before revealing a host of the city’s famous food offerings.

Alex’s other videos include a similarly stylized video on Japan, and A Right to Play, which explores the lives of local children in Ghana and featured at two international film festivals.

Take a look below:

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