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[Photos] A Dynamic Bangkok in 1984 via the Lens of Photographer Doi Kuro

Before the days of mega-malls and the Skytrain, Bangkok was still plenty busy.

Like many of you, we could happily look through old photos of Vietnam all day. However, sometimes it's nice to expand your geographical scope a bit and explore the rest of the region.

Thanks to Japanese photographer Doi Kuro, who took fantastic photos of Vietnam during visits in the 1990s, we can wander through Bangkok back in 1984.

Today, the Thai capital is known for its glittering skyline and world-famous shopping hubs, but these photos show that much of what still makes the city great: street food, soi full of character and life, and people doing everything under the sun, was also there over 30 years ago.

Take a trip to a Bangkok from another time below, courtesy of Doi Kuro:

A group of young Thais on motorcycles.

A traffic police officer at an intersection.

A group hanging out off of Yaowarat Street, the main road in Bangkok's Chinatown.

Kids on Yaowarat Street.

Dusk lighting over Chinatown from the Krungkasem Srikrung Hotel.

A full moon over Rama IV Avenue.

Vendors selling soft drinks and snacks.

A slice of life in a Bangkok soi.

Peanuts! Get your peanuts!

Tuk-tuks are still an icon of the city.

Drivers waiting at a stoplight.

Inside a barbershop.

[Photos via Facebook page Doi Kuro]

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