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There Is Now an Emoji Keyboard So You Never Have to Type Your Feelings Again

There are those revolutionary, groundbreaking inventions which awe and inspire the world: electricity, the wheel, a well-made bánh mì. And then there are those inventions you never knew you needed until they appear.

At long last, there is a keyboard through which you can communicate your deepest, most heartfelt feelings – via emoji. According to Gizmodo, this magical gift to humankind will be available in December from a US-based company called EmojiWorks.

“Hey Internet, your vocabulary has grown but your tools haven't,” reads the EmojiWorks website. “We redesigned the keyboard for the alphabet of emotion and the language of the Internet.”

The Bluetooth keyboard will be compatible with Mac OS X, iOS and Windows operating systems thanks to a software application which syncs the keyboard to your specific device. Standard models include 47 different emojis – turd, taco and unicorn among them – but to better express your feelings, you'll want to opt for the 94-emoji model.

At US$100 apiece, however, the Pro keyboard is the crown jewel of the series, counting a peach, a lollipop, a football and a sack of money in its 120-emoji arsenal, as well as a full range of skin tone modifiers to customize your pictoral expressions.

The EmojiWorks keyboard is now available for pre-order. Watch it in action below:

[Photo via EmojiWorks]

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