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[Video] Take a Tour of North Korea's Pyongyang From Above

To much of the world, North Korea is a mystery. Images of the super-secretive nation, headed by lube-loving Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, seldom reach international media, and many wonder what life inside the totalitarian state is like.

For the few photographers permitted to visit North Korea, heavy supervision and a team of handlers tend to dictate what can and cannot be shown to outsiders. However, this hasn't stopped Singaporean national Aram Pan from visiting the reclusive country 10 times since 2013. Pan, who specializes in panorama photography, is the founder of DPRK 360, a project which aims to showcase the lives of ordinary North Koreans through both panoramic and street photography.

The 39-year-old recently captured Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, from a different angle, reports the Toledo Blade. Aboard a tiny plane, Pan and a companion joined their North Korean pilot on a tour of the city from above, passing over towering apartment blocks and wide thoroughfares free of traffic.

Pan petitioned the North Korean government for a year to gain aerial access to the city's aerial views. The resulting 15-minute video features showcases Pyongyang's modest skyline. Take a tour of the North Korean capital below:

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