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In Dialogue With Trần Nữ Yên Khê on Her 'White Blank' Art Exhibition

Tran Nu YênKhê may be most well-known to Vietnamese audiences because of her unforgettable performances in Tran Anh Hung’s Vietnam Trilogy. However, in recent years, YênKhê has become increasingly established as a contemporary artist. In 2019, her sculpture ‘Borderline’ became the first contemporary artwork from Southeast Asia shown at Paris’s Guimet Museum. Upon returning to Vietnam this year, she continues her artistic journey with the solo exhibition “White Blank” at Galerie Quynh in Saigon from October to December of 2023.

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In Tây Hồ, an Artisan Community Holds Fast to Their Lotus Tea Traditions

Every sip of lotus tea encapsulates all the essences of the natural landscapes of Tây Hồ.

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Inside the Bình Thạnh Depot Where Retro Military Knick-Knacks Live

“This furniture has been around for many decades, but you can use them normally without the fear of breaking them. Because they are industrial equipment made for the military or office buildings, they were manufactured to be hard as a rock,” explains Hoàng, a vintage military interior enthusiast. This durability is one of the many qualities that made Hoàng fall in love with the furniture, going so far as to set up a unique shop dedicated to them.

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The Haunting Beauty in Một Mét Studio's Vintage Photography Experiments

“With the wet collodion process, when you get your portrait shot, it really cannot lie; it really reveals the story of your life on your face. You will see through your make-up, through the tattoos; there are no wrinkles, no scars that can be hidden. People really see themselves in a new light,” Hugo Armano, the assistant at Hội An’s Một Mét Studio, explained to Saigoneer. 

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At Bá Tân Bookstore, a Home for Vintage Books, Readers, and Goodness

I got to know Bá Tân Bookstore thanks to a friend’s suggestion.

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English-Language Edition of 'Chinatown' by Thuận Wins US Translation Award

The 2023 National Translation Award for fiction was given by the American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) to Nguyễn An Lý’s translation of Chinatown by Thuận.

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'The Mountain in the Sea' Is a Meditation on Myths, Monsters, and the Mind

“A myth,” said existentialist psychologist Rollo May, “is a way of making sense in a senseless world.” Humans need myths and legends to survive. And they need us to survive too; it’s how we’ve learned to escape ourselves so that we can live with ourselves.

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Neighbors Gay Networking Party @ OMG!

From the organizer: Neighbors is a monthly gay event, Facebook community, and group of volunteers. It is where Saigon’s gay community gathers to connect and expand business networks, furthers caree...

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Saigon Artist Spotlight: Jack Clayton

Jack Clayton is an artist from East London who has spent the last four years travelling. His inspiration for his art work is drawn from his experiences around the world and a representation of his env...

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Saigon Sound: Daedelus

We caught up with Daedelus after he played to an enthusiastic crowd in Saigon in January. Surprisingly, there was a stark difference between his studio work, as stated earlier in his interview wi...

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[Video] Mesmerizing Saigon Tilt Shift Time Lapse

We sure love our Saigon time lapse videos. For a frenetic city like ours, these cinematic pieces are able capture its energy, perhaps more than any other medium. We recently stumbled upon this video, ...

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The Story Behind the Melting Pot Festival

Last weekend, the Melting Pot successfully celebrated its 4th event as well as its 1st anniversary with art exhibitions and a line-up of musicians and DJs, proving that there is a Saigonese’s experime...

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Slideshow: 11 of the First Color Pictures Ever Taken in Vietnam

From 1914 - 1917 Leon Busy (1874-1950), a French officer serving in Indochina, was assigned by the Albert Kahn Museum in France to capture the lives of the people in northern Vietnam.

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Vietnam’s Big Casino Plans Hinge on Locals Being Allowed to Gamble

While Saigon and Hanoi are home to a number of casinos, it is illegal for Vietnamese to roll the dice in their country. Plans for large-scale casinos have been in the works for years but until locals ...

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Culture on 3 Wheels: Artsy 7-Story Tricycle Making its Way Around Hanoi

There are few things that surprise us in Vietnam these days – a gaggle of geese draped from a motorbike, electricity workers on precarious ladders, hell, even a volcanoes sprouting from the streets. B...

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Video: Watch Prince William ‘Speak’ Vietnamese

Last week, Prince Charles and Prince William recorded a video with the BBC to encourage an end to the illegal wildlife trade. In an effort to spread the message to the world, the pair translated the s...

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Saigon Soul - Pool Parties

Looking to cool off from the Saigon heat while relaxing and listening to some chill tunes? Then check out the weekly Saigon Soul pool party held at the rooftop pool of the New World Hotel, every satur...

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Press Roundup: McDonald's Opens in Saigon

Since just about every major news agency has covered last Saturday’s McDonalds Saigon launch, we thought that, rather than rehashing the same story, we’d make a roundup of articles from the forei...

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Artist Spotlight: Kristopher Kotcher

A child's imagination is pure, unpretentious, unique and unconcerned with other people's judgements or views. As we get older most of us tend to loose these qualities, often because there is an untold...

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Infographic: The Most Popular Vietnamese Surnames

As Australia knows firsthand, the Nguyen surname is the most common among Vietnamese. But how does it stack up against others like Trấn, Lê and Phạm? One Vietnam put together a nifty infographic ...

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Artist Spotlight: Yanneth Albornoz

There are very few people that you encounter accidentally in your lifetime with whom you can strike a spontaneous four hour conversation as if you have known each other for a very long time. Usually w...

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Artist Spotlight: Landon Nguyen

18-year-old Saigon native, Landon Nguyen is an aspiring artist living in California. Though he has been a creative-type all his life, it wasn’t till he moved to the US that he realized his artistic po...

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Tết Tây

Western New Year passed us by, towing an old sensation in its wake. It was a strange celebration, or if not completely strange then slightly out of joint. The Ball was stationary, and around its would...

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Audio: Vietnam's Reggae Revelation

It may be played on repeat in tourist bars across Vietnam (and much of SE Asia) but reggae music has yet get traction in the local market. Hanoi-based journalist, Marianne Brown recently tal...

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Event Rewind: Saigon Artbook Party 2

Saigon Artbook released their second edition on January 16th at Zest Café where the books’ artists and locals came out to support Saigon’s growing art scene. Zest proved to be an incredible space for...

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Apocalaughs Now @ Cargo

From the organizer: Professional alternative stand-up comedy returns to Saigon on Tuesday Jan. 21 at Cargo Bar.

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Event Rewind: Steve Aoki

After successfully rocking Hanoi last December, Steve Aoki made his Saigon debut last night to the delight of hundreds of bouncing concertgoers. Things started off a bit precariously with a last minu...