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EA&OC Party In The Jungle @ Phú Mỹ Bridge

From the organizer: ECLECTIC AESTHETIC & OPTIMIST CLUB are MEGA excited to announce the first party in The Jungle since last April's blowout at the same location - and the first of this dry season.

 The preparations have been made and those banana fronds and palms are shuffling to be shaken by our high-powered sound system in Saigon's eco-periphery.

The last time we had a party here, there were over 400 people moving all night and into the morning. This time, we've got a crazy lineup of serious international DJs and producers who are playing long sets and are super-charged up to see what our city's party people have got to give.

For those of you who follow the underground air waves, SAN SODA and GRATTS are the two figures who have been twisting up the international circuit with multiple back to back appearances at Dimensions Festival and other major events across the world, with San Soda headlining The Void stage. 

San Soda was also the only non-resident to play a set at the legendary Berghain Berlin's 10 year anniversary last year - a feat owed to his highly acclaimed and recognised ability to absolutely smash up dance floors during the apex immersion zone of late night and early morning. The last time he was in our city and played at The Observatory - well, you just had to be there... 

That being said - the other DJs/Producers on this bill are all equally serious in their ability to spin crowds into states of sonic delirium. LIVIU GROZA has been in the game for years with releases on top labels such as Bar 25, Rekids, Cityfox and the upcoming 'Green & Blue" EP on Rue De Plaisance.

TAKU HIRAYAMA is a terrific DJ, resident and chief programmer of Hong Kong's Oma club and part of the Jazzy Sport crew in Japan. We've witnessed him playing at the Secret Island Festival in Hong Kong and the guy knows how to roll out the crowd with his house, techno and disco fusion in a way that is unique, constant and hypnotic. 

ALPHONSE (alias) is the secret weapon of this show. More details to be uncovered later.

Joining this all-star team of internationals are the EA&OC triad of HIBIYA LINE, NIC FORD & DAN LO. Their fusion of afrobeat, serious disco, house, techno and anything else leg-shaking has been pulsing through the city for nearly two years - they know how to complement each other's sets and this party will showcase that cocktail with an extra shot of BOOM.

The sound will be flowing from 3PM 'til 10am the next morning. This allows the fantastic late afternoon ambience, sunset glow, nocturnal madness and sunrise majesty to all be taken in as part of one total and complete party experience.

At 100K, we can pretty much guarantee that your buck will be buying the biggest bang available anywhere in the world.

Stay tuned for maps and directions of how to reach the site. We highly recommend taking trusted taxis (Mai Linh / Vinasun) to and from the party.

ENDS /10 AM [Sunday 18th]


SAN SODA [We Play House Recordings / Berlin]

GRATTS [Ensemble / Berlin]

ALPHONSE [London Housing Trust / London]

LIVIU GROZA [Bar 25, Rue De Plaisance / Berlin]

TAKU HIRAYAMA [Jazzysport, Oma / HK]

NIC FORD [Deep Booth Records, Eclectic Aesthetic / Saigon]

HIBIYA LINE [Cliché Records, Optimist Club / Saigon]

DAN LO [Eclectic Aesthetic / Saigon]



Saturday, 17 January

3:00pm - 10:00am

The Jungle| Over Phú Mỹ Bridge, D2 Ho Chi Minh City