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Recently, the Hanoi People's Committee announced a plan to execute the largest vaccination campaign the city has ever seen. The goal is to get about 70% of the city population vaccinated against COVID-19 and reach herd immunity as soon as possible. 

Lao Dong reported that the city aims to administer a maximum of 200,000 shots per day for the next nine months, from July 2021 until April 2022. For the plan to succeed, about 5.1 million people aged 18–65 that need to be vaccinated.

On July 28, the campaign kicked off with close to 1,000 Hoan Kiem residents getting their shots. There were seven different vaccination sites. These were not walk-in sites, as only those who received a notification from the district could get the vaccine. There are 13 groups of citizens who are currently prioritized.

According to VnExpress, Hoan Kiem District received 16,000 vaccination doses in total — 7,000 of which were Moderna, and the rest were AstraZeneca. Officials gave out the Moderna shots first, switching to AstraZeneca only when the former was out. Residents didn’t get to pick their vaccine type.

Prior to the shot, residents must go through a health screening in order to ensure that they satisfy all the requirements to get vaccinated.

Photo via Bao Chinh Phu.

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