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[Photos] 10 Incredible Shots of 1960s Saigon by William Ruzin

It takes seven to ten years for a human body to replace every cell to the point it consists of entirely different atoms.

A city recycles itself in similar ways, replacing the concrete on roads, replacing store-fronts and buildings, replanting trees, restructuring riverbanks. Yet even with the perpetual replenishment, it remains recognizable. Avenues, parks and landmarks continue to have a familiar vibe. So looking at photos of Saigon from more than 50 years ago, it's impossible not to see a familiar city staring back at you.

American soldier William Ruzin was in Saigon in 1968 and 1969 and snapped this collection of photos focusing on the central districts of the metropolis. While various construction projects have altered some of the landscape, and names of streets have changed, along with the fashion of the people inhabiting them, gazing at them is a great reminder of Saigon's endearing aesthetic. 

Cars parked along modern-day Nguyen Hue.

Vendors in front of the Rex Theatre.

Life flows forward on Le Loi.

A view of Hai Ba Trung Street from a balcony.

Lam Son Square in front of the Opera House.

Normal commotion in front of the now-demolished Tax Center during the Christmas season.

Paintings for sale on Le Loi.

A random alley.

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