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[Photos] 10 Black-and-White Images of Saigon in 1970

A trip to Saigon in 1970 by photographer Jerry Bosworth yielded a small cache of black-and-white images that vividly depict a city in flux.

Even though little is known about their author, the street photos are considerably high-quality for the era. Have a peek at them below.

The An Duong Vuong Statue at the Nguyen Chi Thanh Roundabout.

A corner of Le Loi looking towards the Saigon Opera House.

A noodle shop at the corner of Nguyen Huynh Duc (now Huynh Van Banh) and Tran Quang Dieu streets.

A family on the pavement of Truong Tan Buu Street (now Tran Huy Lieu).

A mother-daughter duo wait before crossing Tran Quang Dieu Street with Truong Minh Giang Street behind them (now Le Van Sy).

A girl and her mother on their morning walk.

A xích lô on Tran Hung Dao Street right outside of the Saigon Train Station (now September 23 Park).

Truong Minh Giang Street.

A street vendor dishing out snacks.

Saigon children playing on the sidewalk.

[Photos via Redsvn]

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