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Short Film Screening - Vietnamese Family Life

From the organisers:

Mê phim - passionate about films and Sàn Art Laboratory are pleased to present a film event this time at Déjà Vu Cafe Two short films by two film makers one in Vietnam, one from Australia who bring two stories from two different geographical locations, but showing the same concerns about family life of Vietnamese.

Ngoc Tien narrates nightlife in Saigon with her short documentary, brings faces to the screen that might be familiar to those who have been accquainted with Saigon nights, and for those who are not, the movie clip could make them look closer while being and travelling on streets when citylight is on.

Tony with the perspective of previous generation introduces a short film with a supposed to be out of date topic but is always the concern of the Vietnamese no matter ones are away home or on the land: family. Come see and chat with the film makers at this friendly special film event. Uong Ngoc Tien is a young film maker studying at Theater and Film College of HCMC.

Tien often shows her interests of social life in her works. Now finishing her studying program, Tien works with film productions and keeps developing her own film projects.

Tony Le-Nguyen born in 1968 in Mekong Delta, relocated in Australia and begun as a film actor in 1985. Over the past 20 years, Le-Nguyen has worked as an actor, writer, director and producer.

He is currently the Executive Producer for Le-Nguyen Productions in Melbourne, Australia.

English and Vietnamese subtitles available


Friday, 27 September


Déjà Vu Cafe | 314/2 Dien Bien Phu Street, District 10

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