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'Other Knowledges' - 2nd 'Encounter'

‘Other Knowledges’ is the second lecture presented by San Art as part of their ‘Encounter’ programme, which aims at bringing thinkers from diverse backgrounds and disciplines to Saigon.

Dr Ute Meta Bauer from Berlin is a curator and art historian who has recently been appointed Founding Director of the Center of Contemporary Art – Singapore.

From the organizers:

Artistic practice has gone through significant changes in the last century. Today, the arts articulate themselves less through mastering skills, moving more towards a practice of reviewing and rewriting history as a way to reflect on today societies through artistic expression and their means. As with the knowledge produced by scientists, artists contribute to our understanding of the complexities of an ever changing world. Developing their own methodologies and language artist contribute in a different but nevertheless substantial way to the global production of knowledge. This presentation will introduce a range of recent examples of artists whose projects invest in trans-disciplinary research and collaboration.

Vietnamese translation will be available from English

Entrance fee: FREE (seats are limited)


Saturday, 2 November


Uni. of Social Sciences and Humanities, Room D. 404 | 10-12 Dinh Tien Hoang, D1, Ho Chi Minh City

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