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Authorities Move To Ban Fishing In HCMC Canals

A proposal to prohibit fishing in all canals and lakes in HCMC is being discussed by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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Each day, hundreds of people pull fish from the city’s waterways for both additional income and entertainment.

Using standard hooks, electricity and even explosives to catch fish, the number of local fishermen is increasing with few enforceable restrictions on the books, according to VN Express.

The HCMC People’s Committee has also assigned Transportation Department to consider putting up signs along the Nhiêu Lộc Canal (9 kilometers long) and the Tàu Hũ Canal (22 kilometers long) to make it clear that the act is prohibited.

Some canals, such as the Nhiêu Lộc have been revitalized in recent years, with the city releasing hundreds of thousands of fish into its waters in 2012. However, for many, pollution is still a major issue as upstream factories use the waterways as a dumping ground for untreated wastewater

We wonder if the ban would include city sewers as well.

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