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Honda to Cease Production of Super Cub 50cc, Vietnam's Beloved Bike, in November

By the end of 2025, Honda will cease the manufacturing of all motorbikes with 50cc engines, including the beloved 50cc Super Cub, to comply with stricter emission standards. 

Honda Motor Co. announced that the move is to comply with Japan's new emissions regulation that will take effect in November 2025. The rules, which aim to align with global standards, make it difficult to produce small engines in a cost-effective way as component prices have soared.

Moreover, demand for the fuel-effecient machine has been on a steady decline due in large part to the increased popularity of electric bikes. From a high of 2.78 million units in 1982, Honda sold only 92,824 last year

Since its introduction in 1958, the Super Cub has sold more than 110 million units, making it the world's most popular motorbike. And while beloved in its native Japan, Super Cubs have aways had a special relationship with Vietnam. Since Americans military officials first imported them in 1960s, they have been praised for their reliability. Evolving from being cutting-edge to capturing nostalgic cool, their style has inspired lavish celebration over the years.

A TVC, filmed in Vietnam and released in 2017, by Honda to celebrate the Super Cub. Video via Video Lucu@.

While most will mourn the loss of the iconic bike, some fans of the iconic style may look to Honda's 150cc version of the Super Cub, which will continue to be manufactured and sold. In addition to a larger engine, the pricey vehicle has modern features such as smart keys and LED turn signals. Vietnam recently saw its first genuine import from Japan, a notable development as previously the less-popular model had to be imported from a factory in Thailand and many believe those are of lower quality.

The discontinuing of all of Honda's 50cc bikes also means an end to Honda Giorno, Honda Dio, Honda Dunk and Scoopy 50cc.

[Photo: A father taking his son on a ride along the Nha Trang coast on the family's trust Honda Super Cub in the 1960s. Photo via Flickr user manhhai.]

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