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Viettel Invests $50m in Fiber-Optic Internet Sea Cable

In an effort to bring stronger internet connections to Vietnam, telecommunications giant Viettel recently sunk US$50 million into the forthcoming AAE-1 fiber-optic sea cable.

The cable, which will have an offshore station near Vung Tau, is expected to go into operation by the end of the year, reports Vietnam News. Spanning 23,000 kilometers, the AAE-1 will connect Asia with Africa as well as Europe and will have additional offshore stations in Singapore and Hong Kong, among other locations.

So far, 20 communications firms from 18 different nations have chipped in to fund the US$820 million network. Once complete, the cable will improve internet access in Vietnam as well as linking the country to other nations, including Tanzania and Burundi, where Viettel has investments.

According to the news outlet: “The connection with the AAE-1 fibre-optic cable will increase safety and stabilization for Viettel’s international network connection as well as national information security.”

Vietnam is keen to switch its current internet cable system given the frequent disruptions to internet access regularly experienced with the AAG cable system.

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