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The Rise and Fall of Phượng Vĩ, the Summer Icon of Our Teenage Dreams

I was a teenage cliché. No matter how much I try to rack my brain to find any other personal connection to the incandescently red tree that is phượng vĩ, I keep going back to my middle school crush and that one tree in the front yard of our school.

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Another Hoàn Kiếm Turtle Dies in Hanoi, Setting Back Conservation Efforts

It’s reported that a “Hoàn Kiếm turtle” living in Hanoi has died, further impeding efforts by conservationists to keep the species from extinction.

Chris Humphrey

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The Rustic Beauty of Hanoi's Red River Brick Factories

Living in a city as culturally rich and absorbing as Hanoi, it’s not unusual to discover new secrets in a place you thought you knew completely. The depth of the capital really is astounding. And yet, I wasn’t quite prepared for the striking, rustic beauty of the brick factories on the Red River’s north shore.

Paul Christiansen

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The Ugly Truth of the Life and Impending Demise of the Hoàn Kiếm Turtle

Everyone knows the mythological story of the Hoàn Kiếm turtle.

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I Went Cloud-Hunting and Found Peace Atop Đà Lạt's Tea Hill

Northern California is blessed with serene nature. Growing up there, pathless trails and cloudy mountain peaks were my safe havens, and when returning home on break from college, it was a tradition to visit my favorite hideout place: a curvy hill near my old high school. Sitting atop the hill and looking down at the city offer a peaceful means to recharge and quiet my mind. The appearance of clouds adds more to the valley’s awe-inspiring nature.

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I Saw the World's Most Handsome Bird Right in Vietnam's Hidden Backyard

Everywhere I go in Vietnam, I keep my eyes peeled for the incredible birds that call this country home. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m doing it. I scan the horizon above low hills for migratory hawks. I stare into breaks in the foliage for passing buttonquail. I peer into rice paddies, fingers crossed for a cryptic snipe. And, of course, there’s Facebook. I refresh Facebook over and over again, waiting for the arrival of the mandarin duck. Its scientific name is Aix galericulata, which one assumes means “prettiest goddamn duck in the world.”

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Amid Bảo Lộc Hills, a Wooden Cafe Floats Amongst the Clouds

In the middle of nowhere Bảo Lộc, perched on the side of an alternative national road is the wooden carapace of Nguyen Coffee, a veritable “Noah’s ark” welcoming travelers in for a short break to enjoy its drinks and spectacular view of the Đá Bàn Stream below. 

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Amid a Resort, This Thatched Hut Houses a Zero-Waste Water-Bottling Plant

A humble production hut built with recycled bottles, local timber, thatched roof and simple granito concrete floors is used as a bottling facility for drinking water.

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Ambitious Expressway, Drainage Tunnel Proposed Along To Lich River

The To Lich River could become a crucial urban artery of Hanoi should the proposal is approved.

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Saigon Metro's Foreign Experts to Be Paid at Least $23,000 Per Month

Teaching train driving is a bankable field nowadays.

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Indonesian Farming Game Raises Over $1.4m in Fundraising Campaign

Imagine if The Sims included social justice issues instead of the ability to ignite your home in a wicker furniture inferno.

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After Backlash, Mitsubishi Pulls out of Binh Thuan Coal-Fired Power Plant Project

Global companies face growing pressure to stop backing thermal power.

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3 Vsmart Phones Now on Sale in the US, Albeit Sold Under AT&T Brand

Can you hear me now?

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Hanoi Greenlights Pilot Project to Install Solar Panels Atop Dong Xuan Market

Some new additions to the roof of Dong Xuan Market will pave the way for more green developments in the city to come.

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[Photos] Da Nang Architects Turn Old 1970s House Into New Coffee Shop

If only more new building projects in Vietnam could take a moment to consider which old elements can be improved, instead of going straight for the wrecking ball.

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Hanoi Proposes Plan to Vaccinate 7.5m Residents Over 18 Against Covid-19

As part of a double-inoculation plan, 7.5 million Hanoi residents over the age of 18 would receive the vaccine.

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First Covid-19 Vaccine Doses Arrive in Vietnam. Who Will Get It First?

Vietnam's COVID-19 vaccination drive is about to begin.

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Vietnam to Receive 1st Batch of Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine Doses This Sunday

We are ready!

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The Story of Hồng Hoàng: From the 1st Vietnamese in Antarctica to a Fervent Wildlife Activist

For Hồng Hoàng, a career in environmental activism in Vietnam began with a polar expedition.

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Vietnam has World's Second-Highest Rate of Cryptocurrency Use: Report

Do you crypto?

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Vietnam's Bobsled Team Prepares for Winter Olympics

If the athletes qualify, it would be the first time Vietnam has ever competed in the Winter Olympics.

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Vietnam's Plan to Plant 1 Billion Trees by 2025 Gains Clarity

Here's hoping for a greener future.

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Vietnam's Covid-19 Vaccine Strategy Gains Clarity

Vietnam's COVID-19 vaccine strategy is becoming clearer.

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VinFast Approved For Autonomous Car Testing in California, Eyes US Exports

Vietnamese automaker VinFast has targeted the US market not only for vehicle export but also for testing its autonomous self-driving technology.

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The Beauty of Saigon's Mid-Century Shophouses via Street Sketches

What was Vietnamese architecture after colonialism?

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All Airport Staff Nationwide to be Tested for Covid-19

It's the latest step in efforts to combat the pandemic.

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[Photos] T3 Architects Design Sustainable Thao Dien Co-working Space

Where would you like to work?

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Vietnam Approves Oxford Vaccine; First Batch to Arrive This Quarter

Good news.