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[Photo] An Open-Air Cafe in Hoi An to Catch the Morning Sunlight

"I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?” said renowned artist Vincent Willem van Gogh. Perhaps coffee should have been added to the list.

Bonte Cafe aims to connect coffee sippers to inspiring nature via a plethora of plants and bare construction materials for a holistically pleasurable experience. 

The three-story cafe 2 kilometers outside of Hoi An is filled with trees, shrubs and vines so guests can feel connected to the natural world while enjoying an open-air experience. The concrete, cement and brick used in the sparse interior further put the focus on the growing plants. 

Viewed from the outside, the building looks as if trees have taken over, but it's actually a carefully designed space thanks to Yen Architecture. The first floor features a retractable wall, so when conditions are good, the space can open to the surrounding neighborhood. Meanwhile, a system is in place so collected rainwater nourishes the contained plants.

Once travel resumes, Bonte Cafe seems a prime place to sit for a cup of coffee and a casual afternoon. Have a peek at the photos below:

[Photos by Nguyen Hoang Son via Archdaily]

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