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On a Hill in Huế, a Glass-Filled Home Welcomes Natural Light With Open Arms

Are hills simply mountains that lack ambition?

We'd say no, it's a matter of preference — the same way some people prefer hot cocoa and others eel soup. Besides, when it comes to views, one often takes what they are given, and in the case of this home on the western side of Huế, that is a hill. 

Huế-based Cote Architects sought to design a simple home on the side of this slope to draw attention to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. "Our goal is to establish an indefinite boundary so that people can be exposed to nature and that nature impacts humans in the most balanced way. The house, at its core, serves as a hub for reinforcing human-nature interaction," the architects shared.

The two-story home, consisting of stacked boxes, features large glass windows that allow views of the grounds' gardens and hillside in the distance while interwoven solid voids assist in ventilation. A vine-covered facade camouflages the glass, steel and stone structure in the natural landscape while helping control heat. 

Because of its position on a gradual incline, a basement cut into the earth allows the family to park their vehicles under the structure. The difference in altitude between the basement and the first floor also allows for a mezzanine. 

Walkways through landscaped gardens encourage the home's occupants to feel at one with the outdoors while the inside balances open space for collective appreciation of nature with needs for privacy and essential care. A central void that keeps the home cool is surrounded by stairs, corridors, and terraces.

Have a look at more images of the 352-square-meter home below:

[Photos by Hoang Le via ArchDaily]

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