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[Photos] Katinat Cafe's Gò Vấp Location Is an Industrial Glass Fortress

Cement, air, water, sand, and gravel: concrete is a simple material. Same for glass, that spread of super-heated quartz sand. 

But these basic building blocks rest at the center, if not also the core, of this coffee shop in Gò Vấp district. Sawadeesign Studio said it wanted the bare concrete to support an industrialist design that doesn't promote "flashy and glossy" beauty.

The building makes a bright impression on the busy street corner. 

The Katinat location found at 196 Lê Văn Thọ Street doesn't let its minimalist vibe interfere with function, however. The glass facade provides for a complete view of the world outside and the large, uncluttered open space allows for ventilation. Glass and steel overhangs further help to block out onerous sun rays. 

During the day, the Katinat appears much simpler, perhaps even resembling an unfinished building. 

While the cafe might not quite compel patrons to travel across the city, it is another entry into the seemingly stalemate war between industrial coffee shops, vintage coffee shops, plant-filled garden cafes, and innocuous chains occupy the middle-ground while niche entries like pet cafes, cottegecore outposts and Victorian teahouse throwbacks watch from the sidelines.

A spartan interior prime for hours of solitude. 

Separate rooms and natural divides should make it easy to isolate loquacious parties from quieter guests.

The concrete sidewalk notably transitions smoothly to the coffee shop's walls. 

Metallic chairs with leather cushions.

The industrial, rough-hewn exterior mimics the vibes found inside. 

Anyone passing will notice the conventional ordering area and signboards. 

[Photos by HLrStudio via ArchDaily]

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